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Looking for some great natural links? You are at the right place!

Welcome to VIRGIN Premium Links from THE PBN STORE

No fancy thread, no wasting your time. We will get right to the point.

Below is what we are proud of:

1. Domains picked from auctions. These are not typical expired domains but very high in quality. All the sites were indexed during purchase.

2. These look like real money sites and great effort has been invested in designing.

3. Low homepage OBL and low total outbound links from the sites. We would not accepting 50-100s of posts per site. The sites would close after 20-30 posts total to maintain the quality.

4. Great metrics: Avg DA – 25, Avg PA – 36, Avg TF – 23, Avg RD – 96

5. Different designs, unique IPs to avoid obvious footprints.

6. Clean history with no spammed domains.

7. Filler content on each PBN along with About Us, Contact Us, Privacy policy pages.

8. We would be including 1 extra post for every post you order and creating an interlink to increase relevance. Thus, we have priced it reasonably considering the quality.

9. Great customer support

10. We are not accepting casino, gambling, adult niches.


We thought to rent out the links but later changed our mind to charge decently for a permanent link.

Price for 5 links: $90
Price for 10 links: $175


Feel free to PM me or post in the thread for any queries. Add me on skype: ksk71119 if you need any further clarifications.


If we haven’t started your order, we will refund you 100%.


We would be only giving you random post screenshot and not a full report to protect the integrity of the network.

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Standard-5 links, Premium-10 links